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Aviche air purifier

Aviche is the leading wearable personal air purifier in the market.
Napakadaling ibenta dahil shipment ay napakadali din.
Perfect for the whole family. Hindi lang siya air purifier it also improves respiratory allergies and breathing problems.

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Is it original?

- yes it is original. We get it directly from the manufacturers from Shandong

How do I know if my unit is working?

You can do the smoke test. Place the aviche unit inside a glass full of smoke and you’ll see the unit taking effect. It will clear the air. Also, aside from the smoke test, the sound and the static feeling are some of the indications as well.

What are the available colors?

- For the M1, only black. For the W3 we have white, pink and blue.

on-hand ba ito? (may stocks)

Yes. Next day delivery na po agad after placing the order

Does it have a sound?

- It does. Though the sound varies from a super weak sound to a loud one. Just like with the static feeling, it’s an indication the unit is emitting negative ions.

Price List

Aviche wearables
🔸1pc Air Purifier W3 - ₱1900
🔸1pc Aviche M1 - ₱1900

Home/ Office purifiers
🔹1pc Super Air Purifier Y10A - ₱43125
🔹1pc Super Air Purifier Y4A - ₱33750
🔹1pc UV Air Purifier C2 - ₱28750

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How long can you use the unit?

- It’s good for 3-5yrs depending on the usage

What is the difference between M1 and W3?

- Basically, aside from the difference in design and model, the battery life of M1 (black rectangular model) differs from W3 (white, pink and blue round model).

M1: 30-40hrs battery life
W3: 25-30hrs battery life

Does it have warranty?

- Yes. 3 mos replacement and 1 yr for service parts

Is it normal to have a static feeling?

- Yes, it is normal for all wearable air purifiers. The static feeling comes from the unit emitting negative ions. You may feel it from time to time but it’s not harmful at all.

How do we know if we need to charge already?

- there’s no more blue light on the side of the unit for the M1 and no more green light on the button for the W3

Main write-up

📍 SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!
🌫Wearable Portable Air Purifier
🔸 Very popular and in demand! M1 and W3 are available for a limited stocks ONLY!

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🔰 Easy Control
🔰 Take it on the go

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on hand ba ito? (sold-out)

usually sold-out po agad within 1 week. Kung gusto nyo po mag reserve nalang kayo wala naman bayad for next month na supply

How long should we charge the unit

- 4-5hrs (make sure you drain it before charging)

Is it safe for kids?

- Yes, very safe.

Is it pre-charged already?

-Yes, it is. No need to charge it yet when you receive the brand new unit

What does the unit do? How does it protect me?

- It releases 20 million negative ions which makes about a meter of protective shield for you from pollution, smokes, and viruses. Also good for people with Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma

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